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Headband Magnifier


Headband Magnifier 1.8x, 2.3x, 4.8x

Art.-No. 01.5001.

Magnifier with 3 different magnifications. Fast and easy to put on and offby cotton adhesion. It is also suitable for spectacle wearers.

First lenses 1.8x. The lenses under the peak can be added bay quick-action clip closure for magnification 2.3x. For quick microscopic view lense can be added for higher magnification (4.8x).

The peak and headband are made of high-grade plastic. The front pad is made of skin-friendly soft plastic which guarantees a comfortable use.

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Headband Magnifier 

Art.-No. 01.5000.

Head Band Magnifier Set with four lenses (1.2x/1.8x/2.5x/3.5x) as Head Band Magnifier LED. With this shape the user has free panorama view, as there is no disturbing peak.

Replacement lenses
1.2x : 01.5003.1.2x
1.8x : 01.5003.1.8x
2.5x : 01.5003.2.5x
3.5x : 01.5003.3.5x

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Headband Magnifier LED

Art.-No. 01.5004.

Very light headband magnifier with lightingt and four different magnifications, suitable for dentists and dental technicians. As every user has different working positions and requires different magnifications with different target distances this headband users. The LED part with battery box can be taken off and used separately. Battery size: No. 4 AAA 1.5V life is about 40h - 50h.

Weight: 140 g
Power: 3 x 1.5v
Replacement lenses
Art.-No.                        Target distance                          
1.2x: 01.5003.1.2x        520 - 620 mm
1.8x: 01.5003.1.8x        230 - 320 mm
2.5x: 01.5003.2.5x        150 - 230 mm
3.5x: 01.5003.3.5x          80 - 120 mm

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Magnifier Lamp

Art.-No. 01.5010.

Magnification: 3 Diopter ( = 1.75x)
Lense size: 18 x 15 cm
Material: glas lense
Lamp: 2 x 9 W
Colour: white
Extension arm reach: 90 cm
Arm fixable in each position
Standard mount: table bracket

Optional mount : table base, heavy floor stand, wall bracket

01.5011. replacement lense 3D
01.5021. wall bracket
01.5023. trolley floor stand 11.4 kg, 65 cm x 70 cm